Apply Water to Postcards

Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. There’s your post title. Now write!

Like I said, I’m not feeling terribly creative today, so this is essentially my to-do list for the weekend.

1. Chowder (my boyfriend’s dog)

2. Postcards

3. Clean

4. Decorate

5. Play

6. Write

7. Upload

8. Edit

9. Water

10. Apply

I choose you Pikachu!

Apply, water, and postcards.

A little explanation.


I’ve been working on applying for our 5th year selection process for architecture.  I’ve already submitted my statement of purpose portfolio and now I need to go through and pick out which professor I would like.  Frankly I don’t REALLY care.  I’m used to just having to take whichever professor isn’t filled up already – basically, I never actually get to take the professor I want to take.  I’ve been procrastinating on it and I should really just get to it.


I bought a few plants a while back, one is a Maidenhair fern, the other is a Goldfish plant.  I’ve been reading about how to grow these plants, namely the fern, successfully.  They need really high humidity, so I put them in my bathroom.  I give them water every now and then and have a tupperware full of water to make the room more humid as it evaporates.  I also just sprayed their leaves with water and it looked REALLY pretty on the Maidenhair.  I really like having them around.  They are almost like little friends.  I remember one architecture professor made all of us buy a plant to keep at our desk.  Their reasoning was that something other than yourself needs to be living at your desk.  I feel like the same principle lies here.  Something other than myself is living at my apartment.


I’ve been at a loss as to what to do about my postcard collection from the past year.  First I made a collage on a small wall and strung some up with wire and clothespins.  It looked ok, but I want something that looks more intentional in my apartment.  I’m tired of feeling like I live in a college dorm room.  Being afraid of putting holes in the walls, everything feeling so “temporary.”  I want to feel settled for once.  And I’d like to live in the same place for more than one year at a time!  So even if I can’t, it’s time to ditch the LITTLE trinkets I usually decorate with, and up them to bigger, quality pieces of decor that represent the things that I like.  So, with the postcards, I’ve chosen to make a little scrapbook of places I’ve been.  I bought photo corners so that I don’t permanently ruin the postcard.  And this way, they are all organized in one place, and I can continually add to the book!  Plus, the book has postage markings all over it, like postmark dates from other countries, faux stamps, letters, and addresses, and a compass.  I only have my trips to Turkey and Greece left, as well as around Italy.  I’m so close!