Super Typhoon Haiyan Aftermath: How You Can Help

Awesome blog post with more ways to help the Philippines. I am especially interested in the ShelterBox organization, Habitat for Humanity, and Architecture for Humanity.

I See Bela

Bodies laying in the streets, people looking for their lost love ones, survivors pleading for food, water and medicine, wrecked houses, and people looting – those are what I see on news about the Philippines, from local to international news channel. According to Philippine officials, the category 5 typhoon Haiyan (Yolonda in the Philippines), the most powerful typhoon on record, may have killed 10,000 or more people in the province of Leyte alone, affected more than 4.28 million people in 270 towns and cities according to the Philippines Social Welfare and Development Department and displaced hundred of thousands.

I am in this first world country right now with my immediate family but I can’t sleep thinking about the Philippines. My heart breaks for my beloved country and all of the victims of the Super Typhoon Haiyan. I felt relieved after hearing that my relatives back home are fine but I really…

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