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After the Storm

Received photos from my site in the Philippines.  The effects of Haiyan have been pretty devastating.  The saddest thing is that so much of the relief from major organizations is not serving the… Continue reading

Breaking it Down

These are a cost breakdown of how your funds would be used to help the communities that I am designing for.  Great information.  It literally only takes substituting a $4 cup of coffee… Continue reading


As many may know, the Philippines have been hit by the devastating hurricane/typhoon Haiyan.  I’m doing my architectural thesis on the island of Panay in the Philippines.  While most people’s theses are hypothetical,… Continue reading

ARK Raffle!

I’m partnering with an organization called ARK, or the Advancement for Rural Kids, for my thesis project.  I will be designing and building a sustainable classroom for a rural community in the Philippines.… Continue reading