Never Again: Rock Climbing

I’m going to give this Postaday deal a whirl.  I don’t expect to be perfect at actually posting every day at this point, since I’ve tried doing that the last year, but we’ll… Continue reading

State Side

So I haven’t thought much about this blog in a while.  It’s been about a month since I’ve been back from Europe, and all I can think to say is how much I… Continue reading


Photos from our trip to Verona in Veneto, Italy Sam and I got up at 3 in the morning to catch the cheapest train to Verona.  It left at something like 4:30 and… Continue reading

Abstract Pot

I used too much water.  This pot changed so much from when I started it.  Every time I look at it it makes me laugh.  It will always be a good story.

Season 2


Pottery Class

Started a pottery class with the school today! It was so much fun to sink your hands into something gooey. Also to be creative in a different way. I should have taken a… Continue reading

Once Upon A Time

Paris Minus One

Went to find the Bastille from there and on trying to get our connection…the metro was stopped short and everyone was getting off. I noticed some people getting off and pointing to the… Continue reading

Driving Home

Went to Pompeii today. It was incredibly windy but luckily not raining. Saw all the things that mom and I saw on our first run of the ancient city. It was just as… Continue reading


Some of the best kept Greek temples in all of Italy and even Greece. Amazingly huge and larger than life. Also, we bought some buffalo mozzarella from a guy in the parking lot… Continue reading