Naples Revisited

Made it back to Naples after 4 years. It’s just like I remember it. Dirty. Scary. Crazy. We even passed by the hotel that mom and I stayed at and I recognized the… Continue reading


It has seriously been raining for days.  Luckily it’s cleared up a little bit, but still.  It’s just poured and poured and poured!


Today we were taken throughout Chianti by our driver Allessandro. It was tons of fun. We went to Castellina, Radda, Volpaia, and Greve. I think thats all of them. And luckily the weather… Continue reading


Mom and Auntie Bonnie are here!  We spent our first (full) day all around Florence.  It was also “Women’s Day” so ladies were wearing pretty little mimosa flowers and carrying yellow tulips.  It… Continue reading

Presentation Day

I can’t believe we’ve finished a project in a week. I feel horrible contributing almost nothing to it, but it’s not like I didn’t try. I had tons of stuff and it all… Continue reading

Bad Day

Well I officially hate this project now.

If I Had a lot of Moneys…

Gah! I have such a cool idea in my head for this project! I just have no idea how to depict it. I really wish I had a PC to run grasshopper and… Continue reading

Infrastructural Optimism

Been working on an urban infrastructural design project on a site outside of the city center near the airport. I’m really excited about it because I really like and am interested in urban… Continue reading

First Day of a New Semester

Today is the first day of our second semester here in Italy. Time is flying by so fast. It feels like just yesterday I got off the airplane. We are doing a weeklong… Continue reading

Home Sweet Florence

Home from our trip to Morocco and Southern Spain. I’ve decided that I really like Spain. It’s such a cool country with so much history and such a preserved culture. Flamenco, tapas, bull-fighting… Continue reading