Around Marrakech

Went to the Badii and Bahia palaces, Saadian tombs, and walked around the Koutouba Mosque.  Later we got hamaam, which was interesting and was quite the unexpected experience.  We then got henna tattoos… Continue reading

Early Morning Travels

Up at 3 this morning to get the bus to Pisa for a flight at 6am to Morocco! I can’t believe I’m going to Africa! Hello stamp in my passport! We did a… Continue reading

The end of yet another project…

Life has been incredibly busy this last week or so.  I’ve been working really hard on my architecture project, therefore explaining the lack of posts.  Not to mention studying for finals and planning… Continue reading

Another Movie

I’ve seen so many movies in the last week! It’s like I took all the movies I could watch over the last 4 months and saw them in the last 2 weeks. It’s… Continue reading

Magical Cheese Sauce

Like I said, ricotta turns anything into something yummy. Improvised with the tomato dish earlier, and added the ricotta. Yum!

Getting Fancy

Today I made this meal off of a recipe I found online. I was super proud of myself for finding all the ingredients. I even had to ask (in Italian) for the sausage… Continue reading

First Meal!

Made my first home-cooked meal in the apartment! It was pretty simple: just sautéed tomatoes and garlic then combined it with some olive oil and basil and pasta. Voila!

Moving Day!

Started moving into my new apartment today! I made two trips with a small suitcase and my backpack and I only have one more load to go moving the big suitcase. As much… Continue reading

Room With A View

Did some planning for our trip to Morocco and Spain today! Figured out what days we will be where and what we will do in these places and even got one of the… Continue reading

Keep It Simple Stupid

Just a usually long day at studio. Worked out some of my floor plans and decided that it was just way too complicated. The project feels like a fun house. There aren’t many… Continue reading